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Review: Game On by Wylie Snow

by Wylie Snow

Contemporary Romance Novel

*Adult content - not suitable for under 18*


Secrets, lies, lust ... whatever it takes to win.

Clara Bean, Europe's most respected restaurant critic, lands on American soil to do a promotional tour with a sports icon. But how will she keep her career-ending secret from her deliciously handsome new partner? She quickly learns that all games have rules, even falling in love.

Luc Bisquet can't seem to score any points with sassy, sexy Clara despite the palatable chemistry between them. But he's willing to endure as many penalties as it takes to crack her icy reserve, because winning is everything. Game on.


I received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Game On is an interesting read. I enjoyed it and it is entertaining and fast paced.

I am between a 3 and a 3.5 stars rating. I liked it, but I wasn't crazy about it. 

Favorite quote:

"Never in her twenty-seven years had she ever so badly wanted a man to turn around so she could catch sight of his ass. If every rational brain cell in her head weren't distractingly consumed with lust, she'd be positively ashamed of herself"

So, my thoughts:

What I liked:

- the cover: of course! it's gorgeous!

- the concept: interesting, original and cute

- the dialogues: LOVED THEM! so clever and funny.

- the supporting characters: Lydia and Sutter were outstanding characters, I was so amused by them (my favorites)

- Luke, I liked the tough-on-the-outside-but-a-mess-on-the-inside kind of protagonist

What I didn't like:

- Nothing too specific but I felt like there was something missing, for example: Clara's story goes around a fact that I didn't think it was so crucial and she keeps lying about it and makes it even bigger. Luke's story and inner trouble sounded more appealing, though all the focus is on Clara's problem.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more of this author, the book certainly has potential and it was a cute read.

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Review and giveaway: Barbie World (Baby Doll #2)

Barbie World 
by Heidi Acosta (Baby Doll #2)

Publication date:  Summer 2013
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance


“One Night is all it took to change everything between Barbie and me. One night to potentially lose the girl of my dreams forever. How do I prove to her that she can trust me? That all I want to do is protect her carefully guarded heart. I need to prove to her that I want to be a part of her world. But How? ”

Dylan lost Barbie once before, now he is determined more than ever to win her heart and trust back. Easier said than done, especially with the new hot guy in town who is in a rock band and is the complete opposite of Dylan.

Barbie has been hurt beyond repair or so she thinks. It would be easier for heart to decide if she didn’t have to protect her little brother. And if Dylan would just put on a shirt! Dylan is not making this easy on her. It helps to have the distraction of the new guy in town cute bad boy Kai. But even though her heart is damaged it still knows what it wants. 

When Barbie learns she has a family and with the help of Roxie and Kai, oh and Third and Dylan. They embark on a journey to help bring Barbie closer to a past she never knew existed. 

Heidi Acosta brings you the heart felt story of friendship, love and heartbreak in the second book in of the Baby doll series Barbie World.



"B, you two are meant to be together, you are just too stubborn to see it. He is menat for you and you for him. You two, not being together, is like saying Romeo and Juliet should have never been in love"

"They shouldn't have, they killed themselves to be together!" I shout at him.

"Okay, bad example. Everything just seems right when you two are together. Plus it gives hope for guys like me that there might be a girl out there that can love me for me"

As always, Heidi created a thrilling story. 
She has an outstanding ability to make the writing flow easily, even when the book is at a sad moment.  She built an intriguing yet sweet plot with perfectly developed background for our main characters and great stories for the rest of the characters too. 

In this book I found that there is more romance and less drama than in the first one, maybe Barbie was a little more annoying than in the previous instalment too (too stubborn), but still I think she is amazing, strong and badass and at the same time sweet and caring.

Dylan matures here, actually in this book he is a lot more mature than Barbie and WAY more sexy! hehe.

We get to know more about Third and Roxie, they are so awesome and their story is so cute.
I love their personalities, the way they interact among them and how supportive they are of their 2 friends. They should have their own story! 

And Kai, a nice addition to the story. I loved him too. The outcome was pretty obvious but he had an interesting part in all the events that unfolded.

To sum up: beautiful cover, remarkable writing, witty dialogues, marvelous and surprising characters and yes...I loved it!

I didn't love the epilogue though... does it mean this story is over???? no third book???? I hope there is!

Totally recommended :)

BUT... you can't start from book 2 so if you haven't read the first book yet, check it here:


Barbie Girl by Heidi Acosta (Baby Doll #1)
Publication date: November 1st 2012
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance


The only thing that 17 year old Barbie Starr wants to do is graduate high school so she and her little brother, Everett, can get out of Alabama. She doesn’t care about the rumors that are spread around about her like wild fire. Rumors are nothing new to her. Sure, maybe she could change her reputation, but why bother. She is leaving Alabama as soon as she can. That is, if she can pass algebra and graduate.

The only thing Dylan Knight would like to do is go through high school unnoticed; he has had enough of the drama that is high school. He took the whole of last summer to bulk-up: finally he is not being called names or being shoved into lockers. He wants to remain on the outside of the circle of constant rumors that surround the so-called popular kids who get all the attention. He would not, however, mind if his long time crush Katie took notice of him.

But it is Barbie who notices Dylan and she offers him a deal he can’t pass up: if he helps her pass algebra, she’ll help him get the girl of his dreams. Dylan agrees, but, as it turns out, nothing is simple when it comes to Barbie. Somehow, she can’t help but draw attention to herself — and to him. Soon Dylan finds himself tossed into the whirlwind of rumors that seem to follow Barbie everywhere. Can he save his reputation and still get the girl of his dreams? Or will  Barbiebe the one to break through his carefully-built facade?



Book Trailer:

Heidi Acosta was born on Long Island, New York. Moving around a lot when she was younger, she has lived in New York, Arizona, New York (again), Washington, Georgia, and Florida, in that order. Each place offered her something special, but she will always consider New York her home.

Heidi started writing as soon as she could spell. When she was three, Heidi’s mother gave her a copy of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods; thus beginning her lifelong love affair with literature.

Writing soon also became a form of therapy for Heidi, when she realized that no matter what was happening in her life, she could find emotional escape while writing. Some of her earliest stories featured her as a princess who explored new worlds with her horse Buttercup. If it sounds romantic, it wasn’t, there was no prince charming in those fairy lands (boys where yucky).

Heidi now resides in Florida with her husband, very active daughter, one hyper Chihuahua, two sweet cats, and one very fat moody cat.

Author Links:


Grand Prize Giveaway

25$ Amazon GC, a signed copy of Barbie Girl (Book 1) + some swag (US/Canada)

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Cover Reveal: Deadly Crush by Ashley Stoyanoff

Deadly Crush (Deadly Trilogy #1)

By Ashley Stoyanoff

Once again author Ashley Stoyanoff surprises us with a wonderful cover for her soon to be released work.
The first instalment in the Deadly Trilogy.

Quick Facts                                        
Release Date: August 23rd 2013                                 
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance                                                  
Formats: All ebook formats and Paperback.      

And here it is! A wonderful cover!!!

Book Synopsis

Dog Mountain is just like any other small town — peaceful and uneventful.  Well, that is if peaceful means wolves howling all night, and uneventful means it’s overrun by pesky werewolves, then yes, Dog Mountain is just your average small town.Jade Shaw has spent the last two years avoiding the pack.  But when Aidan Collins moves to town, avoiding the dogs doesn’t seem possible.  The pack wants him just as much as she does.Determined to keep him out of the pack’s grasp, Jade does everything she can to gain his attention.  Little does she know, Aidan is in deeper with the pack than she could have imagined, and competing for his attention is a deadly game, one she may not want to win.


The Author
Ashley Stoyanoff, award winning author of The Soul's Mark: FOUND, lives in Whitby, Ontario

and loves diving into the magical world of creating fiction. When not writing, she can be found reading sappy novels, watching cheesy chick flicks, and buying far too many clothes.

Find more about her at:

Book Content

It's a YA story so nothing explicit. :)


Jade was livid when she stormed past me and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  It was also the most confusing thing I had ever seen.  She shot me (or maybe — hopefully — it was to Dominic) an ice-cold glare.  It was penetrating, and commanding, and my inner-wolf clawed at my stomach, wanting to run after her and make her happy.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Dominic said.

My blood ran cold.  He couldn’t know that she was making me crazy, none of them could.  If they knew … “What’s that?” I asked, glad that my voice sounded uncaring, and glanced his way.
He laughed.  “That she’s adorable when she’s mad.”

“That she is,” I agreed, watching as Jade disappeared around the corner and Erika scowled after her.  My heart started to beat again, and the knot in my stomach loosened.  He didn’t have a clue.  Who was that girl? The question echoed through my mind again, relentlessly.  I just didn’t get it.  I could take down an alpha, command an entire pack of twenty-nine werewolves to submit and grovel at my feet, but this … this … human girl could make me cringe with just one glance.

Erika turned to us with a big grin on her face and started over.  I snapped my gaze to meet hers and said, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”  It came out harsher than I had intended, but it worked, and without a word, she backed up a step and then took off down the hall.

“Stay away from her,” Dominic said, casually, as if he was talking about the weather, and not really trying to tell me what to do.  I had heard the line more than I could count in the last forty-eight hours, and each time I heard it, it only made her all the more interesting.

“That’s her call to make, not yours,” I retorted, keeping my tone just as light.  He still refused to enlighten me about his obsession with Jade, and spending the weekend following her around hadn’t helped me figure it out either.  The most I had gotten from that was confirmation that she missed him.

Dominic pushed off from the locker, and stretched his arms lazily over his head.  He smiled a little.  “She wouldn’t even look at you if she knew who you were.” 

Other Books by Ashley Stoyanoff:
Press on the cover or the name to go to Goodreads and read the synopsis:


International: 1 winner

Prize: Swag Pack with a Coaster, keychain, and bookmark.

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The Loneliest Alpha: Excerpt and promo

The Loneliest Alpha

The Untouchables, Book One

by T. A. Grey

Genre: paranormal erotic romance

Number of pages: 350
Word Count: ~100,000

Cover Artist: Hallie Chandler


Book Description:

One look will change their lives forever.

Lingerie designer Alicia Clarkson just had to open her stupid mouth. Now thanks to trying to defend a fellow pack mate, Alicia’s been blindfolded, tied up, and carted off to the new alpha of the Oregon pack—Gavin MacKellen.

However, the blindfold doesn’t come off so soon. Alicia’s curiosity gets fired up when Gavin refuses to reveal his face to her. Just what happened to him? He talks to her from shadowy corners and behind closed doors. The man is as allusive as a squirrely fox, but Alicia doesn’t play games and the quiet spoken, hoarse voiced alpha doesn’t stand a chance against her. They settle on an agreement, thirty days for them to get to know each other because that’s the only way this cowboy alpha will have it.

Gavin MacKellen needs a mate. But he knows no good woman would ever want to look at his face after the incident he suffered. After one look at Alicia Clarkson all his plans fly out the window. The woman’s beauty has him damn stunned speechless. She torments his thoughts and Gavin finds himself yearning to know everything about her. As relationship forms, love threatens to grow between them but Gavin struggles to cope with his physical appearance in the face of the beautiful Alicia.

Will she be the one to stand in the face of a monster and accept or will she turn her back on him as everyone else has?


“When is the last time you were with a man?”
Her body jerked. “Excuse me?”
He sighed, the sound thick not with impatience but caution. “I won’t repeat myself, Alicia Clarkson.”
She froze at the sound of her name even as a part of her understood that he had to know her name. The tone of his voice had changed though, the grating sound becoming a growl.
She answered as soon as she collected herself. “Seven months ago. No six. Yeah, six months, I think.”
“Were you sleeping with him?”
She bit the inside of her cheek, jaw flaring as a blush covered her face. “I don’t see what this as to do with–”
“Just answer the question,” he said in that slow, measured voice. He sounded like someone who didn’t waste words but chose them with care.
“Yes, I did.” Why that admission embarrassed her when she knew there was no shame in what she’d done annoyed her.
Then he spoke and every inch of her stiffened. Even her heart skipped a beat. “What do you look for…in a man?”
“What?” she said, her voice as soft as a whisper. He sounded curious, maybe even a little embarrassed. 
“Answer the question, please.”
She shook her head sending locks of hair snapping across her cheek and stood, teetered, then widened her stance to steady herself. “No, I’m done with this. I won’t play your little games anymore. You either explain what this is about or untie me. Actually, untie me and show me the door. I’ve been ready to leave since I got here.”
He stood and she took an abrupt step back. Was it because she feared him—damn right.
“Turn around.”
“Like hell.”
“Turn around so I can untie you.”
Biting her lip, she debated his words. He could by lying. “Promise that’s all you want?”
He grunted some sound of agreement.
She was loathed to give him her back but she did, slowly. Better to show him her back than to keep the ropes on for god knows how long. He grabbed the rope binding her wrists and her heart jumped with fear. He could kill her; hurt her in so many ways.
“Stare straight ahead.”
Naturally, she tried to look over her shoulder but he grabbed the back of her head and turned it to face forward before she could catch a glimpse.
“Don’t.” A warning.
It became difficult to breathe. This close, she caught his scent. It was fresh and masculine smelled of something rugged and outdoors. The lykaen in her rolled onto its back and stretched, content. Whoa. Reel it in, Alicia.
She jumped at the sound of his voice so close to her ear. He had a gravelly, coarse voice, deep as a bass singers. He held the rope hostage as he spoke. “I’m searching for my mate, not lookin’ for no whore. I want you to stay here while we get to know each other. That means I’m gonna have some questions you’ll need to answer. You got that?”
Not really. “Yeah,” she said instead since she didn’t see any other options.
Another grunt of approval, then she heard the metal swish of a switchblade coming out. She wiggled, tugging to get her arms free as fear rode her. 
“Please don’t hurt me.” She hung her head, arms trembling in his grasp.
“Stay still. I don’t wanna nick you.”
Like that her fear passed. The blade passed through the ropes with ease and her shoulders sagged with relief. The itchy, cursed rope fell away. She smiled at the tiny pleasure of being free.
“You’ll sleep down the hall. I’ll have Will show you the room.”
Fingers touched her forearms, strong and direct. And then it vanished in an instant.
Rubbing her arms at the sudden chill, Alicia turned back only to find he’d retreated back into the shadows.
She didn’t mean to ask it but the words flew from her lips. “Why won’t you let me see your face?”
He opened the door, stepping into the hallway. She was so certain he wouldn’t answer her that she fiddled with her reddened wrists to hide her eyes.
But then he did answer and his words couldn’t have shocked her more.
“I don’t want you to see my face ‘cause I’m an ugly son of a bitch and you’re too pretty to be looking at that.”
She gaped as he quietly shut the door behind him.

About the Author:
I love to write the kind of stories that will keep you up late at night and make your heart pound. It's my goal to make each new book better, more exciting, and more action-packed to keep thrilling you. I'm always trying to push the boundaries with my imagination, and yours, to create something new and different.

Open up one of my novels and you will find hot, erotic stories that will make you laugh out loud, cry, and fly through the pages. I write addictive love stories and I hope you like them.
Visit my website to learn more about my books at


Guest Post
Character Profiles


Alpha of the MacKellen pack. 
A lykaen. 
Eldest of the MacKellen family.

Severely disfigured on his face after an attack. 
He struggles to accept his new face.

“I don’t want you to see my face ‘cause I’m an ugly son of a bitch and you’re too pretty to be lookin’ at that.” – Gavin MacKellen


Lingerie designer Alicia Clarkson is given to Gavin MacKellen by her own alpha. 
Blindfolded, tied up, and helpless she’s at the mercy of the strange alpha who won’t show her his face.

An accord is made. She will stay for 1 month and try to accept him—without seeing his disfigurement.
When she finally sees will she be able to accept him?

He took a step toward her. "Bend over and grab hold of the table, Alicia. I'm goin’ to give you your punishment now."
She turned and grabbed the edge of the table as raw emotion swamped her, a primal combination of arousal and excitement. Just what would he do to her and how much would she like it?
He stepped behind her and her eyes closed, struggling to get her breath under control.
"Quiet now, it's my turn to do the talkin’ only I won't be doing it with my mouth."
An ache grew hot between her legs. "What do you mean?"
Suddenly a hard swat landed on her bottom making her jump.
"Be quiet before you make this worse for yourself."
So she shut her mouth and waited.


T. A. Grey


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