Wednesday, January 1, 2014

~ 2014 Challenges ~

Hello everyone!
Happy New Year!!!

This new year arrives with 2 challenges. It's the first time I organize challenges so I hope you like them and I hope you join. 

Each of them we'll have one winner (chosen randomly among everyone that completed it) who will get a $10 Amazon GC. 

Want to know more?

We have THE ABC CHALLENGE and the SCAVENGER HUNT CHALLENGE. Both will run from January 1st until December 31st 2014. (but you can join whenever you want)


You have to read one book starting with each letter of the alphabet. (26 books, so it's considered a hard challege) It's the American alphabet so no Ñ needed :D


  • It can be any genre
  • It can't be a novella or short story
  • Roman numbers can be considered letters. (For ex: XVI)

One more thing: if the book name is, for example: The Maze Runner, it starts with T not with an M, ok? 


You have to read 22 books (it is hard, I know, BUT FUN!) and each of them must fill the following requirements:

  1. An Apple 
  2. A Ball
  3. A car
  4. An eye
  5. A flower
  6. Lips
  7. Wings
  8. A mask (can be any kind)
  9. A book where one of the MAIN characters is named Sophie 
  10. A cover with only half of the face showing (right, left, upper or lower)
  11. A girl wearing a white dress
  12. A couple holding hands
  13. Body/bodies with no head (see rules below)
  14. Someone with a tattoo on the cover
  15. A book with a purple cover
  16. Someone wearing Jeans
  17. The third book in a series
  18. A book with Red letters in the title
  19. A book with a one-word title
  20. A title containing a name in it (ex: Alice in Wonderland, Emma)
  21. A book released in 2014
  22. A book that has been made into a movie/tv show (or it's about to be done)


  • It can be any genre
  • It can't be a novella or short story
  • You can help yourselves using Goodreads' lists
  • When I say bodies with no head I don't mean anything gruesome lol, just something like this: CATCHING JORDAN .
  • The thing you look for must be "the protagonist" or at least an important object of the cover. So, for example, you look for a Flower:

    RIGHT                                                               WRONG 

How to participate:

It's really simple:

  • Create a folder in Goodreads with the name of the challenge. For ex: IKTB-ABC-Challenge
  • Come back and paste the link to that folder in the form below (so I know where to look!!!)
  • Start reading and adding your books there :)
IMPORTANT: To check that you really read the book, you need to post a review. No need to be super long but try to make it meaningful, things like: "Great Book!" or "I hated it!" won't suffice lol

What are you waiting for? Start reading!!!

And if you are a blogger and want to add the sidebar banner to your blog and link it to this page, that would be totally awesome :D



  1. ¡Happy new year 2014! I join both challenges, thanks, I was looking for challenges to join this year. Kisses ;)

    1. hi! Sena! Thanks for joining and good luck! :)

  2. Probably being an idiot but HOW do I create a folder on goodreads?

    1. No idiot at all! It's a shelf. You go to "my books" and in the left side of the monitor you'll see "bookshelves (edit)" click on edit and then "add a shelf"
      Good luck!!!

  3. For the challenge do we need to find a whole new book or can we re-read a book we have?

    1. Hi Lisa! The idea is to read books you haven't read yet, because otherwise, you can skip parts and still be able to make the review, so that wouldn't be fair for others. :) Of course, if you have the book but haven't read it, it's totally fair.
      Happy New Year!

  4. I join both challenges and made an entry in my blog to follow my progress from there also.

    1. Awesome Lina! thanks for both!!! Have fun reading!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Super fun! I only joined the Scavenger Hunt (you can see my post here). I'm looking forward to it!!!

    Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings



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