Wednesday, October 10, 2012


by  Jessica Marie Gilliland and Kimberly Gourgon


Genre: Paranormal

Published: July 7th 2012

Rating: 3.5 stars


Five years have passed since Caitlin Tierney was kidnapped from New Haven, a secret facility for gifted children. Deemed a threat to society by the government’s Anomaly Control Team for her empathetic and telekinetic powers, Caity was implanted with a chip meant to neutralize her abilities and keep her on the ACT’s radar.

Now Caity is trying to live the life of a normal 21-year-old but her nightmares are getting worse. She’s haunted by the past she can’t remember, the painful experiments she endured in New Haven and Chase Taylor, the love she lost.

When a mysterious letter arrives one day and promises Caity answers to her forgotten life, she suddenly finds herself thrown back into the world of New Haven…and into the arms of her old flame. For once it seems like everything will be alright, but how much has New Haven really changed? And how much has Chase changed?

While conflicted by the dark secrets she uncovers about New Haven and her beloved Chase, Caity stumbles upon a group of Anomalies who call themselves The Punks. They’re charming and unexpectedly, Caity finds herself drawn into their small family…and to their leader, the quiet, enigmatic Kismet.

Ultimately, Caity must decide where her loyalty lies: is it with her first true love Chase and the cloaked objectives of New Haven? Or is it with the peaceful, nomadic Punks?

And how far over the line will she be willing to go for either one?


In other words: very good but not amazing :)

Though... I had a bunch of feelings about it and that's probably why my review it's a collection of ramblings!

It felt like I read 2 books instead of one, the beginning was great, then it became a little difficult to me to get into the story but after 50 percent, when she runs into Spaz, Dozer, Headset, Charlie and Kismet, the book turns amazing again.

The story goes around Caity and her friends, which all have special abilities and awesome powers!
Her abilities are simply amazing and she is really funny, she made me laugh and also made me cry and feel her pain. Talking on the phone while using her power to pack might be the coolest thing ever! I could use some of that! lol.

Chase... well, he puzzled me. Couldn't connect with him and didn't like him at all. I never understood his motives. Kismet is probably one of my favorite characters along with Izzy and Caity.

The end is somehow SHOCKING, I can't say I felt sad, actually I kinda like were the story might be heading in the second book, though I'm pretty sure I'll be surprised!

Great start for a series!!

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