Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Consequences (Freewill #2)


The Freewill Trilogy: We are not defined by the choices that are made for us; but by the choices we make when we believe that all other options have been taken away.

As a result of finding her soul mate (Christopher), Ellie has broken her curse, and awakened from her death to find that she has become something mystical, an ethereal Other. A being, whose story has yet to end, where who one is before their death, leads to what they become after … kindness or violence follows in their wake. The Others are ancient creatures, who can help humanity, or cause our destruction … and Ellie has found that monsters are waiting in the mist.

GENRE: Paranormal Romance

PUBLISHED: June 8th 2012 by Elyse Draper

RATING:3.5 stars


3 - 3.5 stars

I've been sitting in front of my laptop for almost half an hour and don't have a clue of what to write about this book -.- So here it goes!

----- First of all, I want to thank Elyse for giving me the chance to read this trilogy in exchange for an honest review. ----------

After ending up with my eyes wide open and my jaw almost touching the floor when I finished "Freewill" (Freewill #1), which I loved , I was expecting more.

I liked this one but didn't blew me away.

About the cover: 

mmm.... interesting, a little scary maybe.

About the characters: 

Here, we meet new characters like Michael, Ursa, Artemis and Cass. Also we spend a nice part of the book trying to guess who "SHE" is and of course we still have Chris, Ellie and the incredibly amazing and smart Lune. (I love that dog! XD)
Michael is a great addittion and I believe it really helps Chris to stay on track, Ursa and Artemis are lovely, I can totally see them interacting with the guys.
Cass is a little too stubborn and I don't like the hatred against the "Mortos" (humans) but I like her anyway.
Ellie's changed a lot since Freewill and in a good way! You'll see.
And Chris... well he is definitely suffering the Consequences of his acts in the previous book. That's mainly what his story is about.

Plot and writing: 

I wanted this book to be as dynamic and vibrant as the first. But didn't feel that. It is a very good book but even being beautifully written didn't captivate me enough.
It begins from Christopher's point of view. We learn what happened to James, V and Ann and how that makes Chris feel. It starts wonderfully, but suddenly it loses strenght and becomes a bit tedious. 
It soon regains strenght once we move to Ellie's POV and there we meet Cassandra and learn about the Ho Thanatos and the Daimonion To. 
This book has a way more complex plot than the previous one because we have items and myths from several cultures and many creatures (we go from Greek mythology to wolves packs to Faeries) I believe there are a few loose ends (sometimes I got confused) but of course we still have book 3 to solve that.

Nonetheless I am looking forward to reading the end of this trilogy and see how the story finishes for the characters :)

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