Sunday, November 18, 2012

ReVamped: review

ReVamped is the first book in the Angel Creek series, by author Ada Adams.
I'm not posting the synopsis, because you can read it in yesterday's post and also enter the giveaway HERE.

Genre: Paranormal Romance.

Published: February 20th 2012.

Rating: 4.5 stars

My Thoughs:

Wow! I really enjoyed this read.

It's so refreshing with a little humour and as the author herself told me: "with a satirical twist."

What first caught my attention was the cover. Yes,Yes I know, I'm a such a sucker for nice covers!

The colors are amazing and after reading the book I can totally picture Dawn as the girl in it. It fits.

So, what can I say?
The writing is lovely. Simple but not because of that, less entertaining. Fast paced so it's great for a quick read.

We have a lot of characters of importance, that have defined personalities.
You have Seth the "computer geek", Hunter "the addict", Brooke "the bubblehead" and Sophie "the nerd".
Let's not forget about Dawn, the protagonist, who is a true warrior and also so naive at some point, that is utterly cute. 

And well, we also have Ethan with his secrets and sexiness and my sweet, mysterious, absolutely-sexy-and-equally-gorgeous Sebastian York. *swoon* 

You can now guess who is one of my favorite characters lol, but the other one is Brooke. Definitely.
She is so shallow for moments but her story is very sweet. She is extremely funny and cracked me up with some comments like:

- "What? Obsolete? I don't wanna be obsolete" - Brooke cried, then looked over at Seth and whispered, -"That's like really fat, right?"
- "You're thinking of obese Brooke". - Seth rolled his eyes.


- "This is the place". -Ethan responded, looking around nervously.
Brooke let out a discontented sigh  - "But it looks so boring and un-evil".

Anyway, all of them mature and change through the book and I grew fond of them all!

The plot may seem plain and ingenuous at the beginning but NO! don't be fooled, it has a great twist that makes it awesome. You do wanna read until the end. TRUST ME.

The end is bittersweet, but also left me wanting MORE! ReAwakened (Angel Creek #2) , I can't wait to have you in my shelves!!! (ok, I have an ARC so I kinda have it already :P ENVY ME! lol)

The only reason why I gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5 (which is absolutely amazing anyway) is because I wanted more romance, the love story is slowly developed and the tenderness of their moments together made me sigh and giggle non stop.
Looking forward to reading more of these two!

Thumbs up for Ada Adams' debut book! YAY!



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