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Review and Guest Post: His Black Wings

His Black Wings by Astrid Yrigollen.
Date PublishedNovember 20th, 2012



Wow! OMG! *Swoon* *Sigh* *Woot Woot* *lalalalalala*
All of that together happened while reading this book!!!

I am totally mesmerized! 

This is one of those moments when you are glad you didn't succumb to your preconceptions. Why? When I first got the invitation for touring this book, I didn't even pay attention to it and disregarded it instantly. I don't like anime things and didn't even read the blurb after not liking the cover.(I was judgemental but don't be judgy with me please for disliking the cover lol I like what I like XD)The second time I got the invitation I decided to give it a shot and jumped into it (again without reading the blurb) and the result was utterly unexpected and now I can assure you I am completely pleased!

I am so happy though that I didn't read the blurb... I read it after finishing the book and I think it spoils half of the story.
Besides, I loved getting into the story without knowing what to expect. 
Yes, yes, the title is "His Black Wings" so I knew "he" had black wings but that's all. I didn't know if he was a demon, an angel, a vampire or else. 
(I won't tell don't worry)

It is a post apocalyptic story that mixes futuristic elements with Victorian ones, that has a sweet paranormal romance. It is full of intrigues and secrets.

The story starts with Claren's parent's demise. 
After an unfortunate event, she needs to flee town. With her amazing dog Naza she moves from town to town until she finds a job advertisement that fits her.
She then moves in with her new and enigmatic boss: Fredrick Brighton. He is beyond kind to her but there is something he is not telling...
 After a murder in town they need to move again and that's when the real story begins. 

The characters are amazing. Claren is caring, shy but also brave and smart. Fredrick is so mysterious, I was charmed by him since the start, it's the kind of man you know is hiding a secret behind his money and power but you can't avoid feeling his magnetism.
Etrigan... he is a loner, he seems hard and a little savage but is wonderful how he unravels and present himself to the world and you see him change.
Kurten ...he is a SOB! (sorry!) Psycho! 
We also have Horace, Mrs Witsby and Dekker are so fun and charming supporting characters.

This book gathers romance, a clever and superb plot, incredibly developed characters with a perfectly achieved depth.
The story is original in every angle and the writing style left me marvelled. 

The love story is full of tenderness and I loved how it unfolded, slow but I totally felt what the characters felt. 

If I have to describe this book in one word, it would be: AMAZING!

I love the end too and I am hoping there is a sequel. I want to know more of these characters.


Claren Maidstone has been forced to flee her childhood home after the death of her parents and a vicious assault from a sadistic young man who intends to marry her. Claren changes her identity and finds employment as an assistant to the handsome Fredrick Lowood, a generous yet mysterious benefactor. However, she soon finds out his generosity comes at a price. 

Fredrick Lowood knows what the history books do not teach, that the Grand Council built this new world of peace and beauty on hidden blood and greed. He has plotted for years to bring down the family that enslaved his own people. 

Etrigan Lowood rejects the world that forces him to hide. He is powerful, plagued with a terrible dark beauty: WINGS. It is these wings that carry him out only at night to watch the unwanted intruder in his home. A creature of refined instinct yet little social grace, he is strangely captivated by Claren but knows nothing of how her family’s dark past is intertwined with his own. Through their blossoming friendship, Etrigan realizes he still retains his human heart and yearns for Claren’s love.

Kurten Wandsworth is the only son of the Mayor of St.Marhen. Kurten lives his life fueled by cruelty and lust. Whatever he wants he takes and he wants Claren to be his wife even it if kills her. Scarred by Claren he hunts her down mercilessly until he can set a trap which she will never be able to escape from.

GUEST POST by Astrid Yrigollen.

How Do You Keep Your Writing Different

We have all heard the phrase" Write what you know" and "Write what you like to read". I find these two phrases when coupled, can give birth to some very interesting stories. One of the things I find disappointing when reading new fiction is to be  half way through  a story and think to myself,"This is a lot like ...."Then upon finishing the story, I find that it was so similar to another well known book, I am surprised there was not a  plagiarism lawsuit filed.

There is nothing wrong with borrowing a classic idea and putting your own spin on it.In fact those are some of my favorite types of stories to read.However a person wants to make sure that they are not writing a cookie cutter version of a story that has already been written.People are smart and when they read your book they will be able to tell.

When I get a idea for  story I will go over it and even do research to see if there are similar story lines....and sometimes I won't. Like the honey badger, I just won't care. Since writing is a creative outlet, you have to write stories that make you happy.If you wan't to make money though, you may want to approach it from an entirely different angle.Hopefully a profitable and marketable one. Insert tongue in cheek here.

Author Bio
Astrid Yrigollen is a native of the Bay area of California and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Astrid started writing stories for her friends in sixth grade. After working part time at a funeral home during high school, she channeled her love of story writing in to creating video games for PC's which were featured in Shareware magazines.

In the early 1990's she secured a position with International Video game giant, Sega of America but never lost her love for writing in traditional format. After leaving the video game industry, she worked briefly as a vet assistant, aiding in surgery until she found out she passes out at the site of blood!  Maintaining a great love of animals, but preferring work where there was no blood involved, Astrid became a boutique fashion designer for people 'who like to dress like their dolls', successfully placing her designs in boutiques in Europe, the U.S, and Australia.

She founded and now co-chairs with her husband for the California Coast Ball Jointed Doll Convention, an annual event for Japanese Super Dollfie Collectors. Astrid enjoys collecting dolls, Anime, video games, baking and sewing and is currently studying college level Japanese, her third language.

She now enjoys writing Young Adult and Children's books and has succeeded in putting out The Doughnut Tree, The Zombie Playground, A creature compilation , and The Mosswoods to name a few.


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  1. This sounds like quite a unique book. I like the idea of "A POST APOCALYPTIC STORY THAT MIXES FUTURISTIC ELEMENTS WITH VICTORIAN ONES."

  2. You now this is a lesson in not judging. I try to read those that don't pull me as they can be pleasant surprises.

  3. Awesome. I always love to be surprised. Loved the review and AWESOME guest post. Pretty name...Astrid :)



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