Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book spotlight: Scars of the Earth by C.S Moore.

Scars of the Earth 
by C.S Moore

Genre: YA Paranormal

Length: 233 Pages


Amanda is a healer, she is accustomed to falling into nightmares; she has witnessed terrible things ever since she could remember, horror scenes that an innocent child’s mind should never have to process.

Life as a healer had three rules:

Never question the Ancients.

Never stay in a Scar that has a demon.

And never fall in love.

Unfortunately for Amanda, she broke all three.


There are so many, Amanda thought.
Grey-clad figures poured into the room like water from a
sieve. They moved as one unit, step for step like toy soldiers
wound at the same time. Their uniforms bore no gold tassels or
honoring medals. The only thing sparkling was their calf-high,
spit-shined boots. Monochromatic from neck to toe, they blended
into the grey-colored walls and each other. The sharp points of
the heavily starched pleats in their uniforms were the only tell of
where one began and the other ended.

She stood frozen with fear, directly between her friends
and her pursuers. The room was still, neither side making a
move. Amanda looked at the sea of grey-cloaked Healers. She
spotted Frey and his larger-than-life sidekick Carter standing
among them, looking pleased. Hate radiated from him. If anyone
would make the first move, it would be him. They didn’t know
what she had in her hands. They couldn’t know that her escape
was in reach. She looked back at Cole. He nodded his head
toward the jacket. She tried to slip her hand into the pocket
without appearing suspicious.

“Amanda, we understand how hard this must be.” The
only man not in grey spoke quickly. “But this is the best path for
you. If that weren’t true, the Ancients wouldn’t have made it so.”
His soft gentle voice was full of concern for her well-being, and
she knew it wasn’t just for show.

He really thought capturing her would be doing her a
favor. Her hand inched closer to the pocket. She needed to
distract them, so she spoke. “The Ancients are not omnipotent.
They make mistakes just like we do, and this is a mistake. If they
just give me time, I know I can fight off this poison. You don’t
have to do this. See for yourselves,” she said.

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  1. Thanks for the feature! I hope you all go give it a read, it's got five star reviews on Amazon!

    Find me on facebook:!/pages/CS-Moore/290151354377396?bookmark_t=page



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