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Interview and Giveaway: The Witching Hour by Marie Hall.


After not only being run over, but watching her husband die in the same hit and run, Eve Philips thought she would never love again. Years pass and her sisters worry that she’ll become an old crone like so many other witches. They’ve made it their personal mission to help her find her next true love. But Eve wants none of that, she throws herself into her potions shop--Witches Brew--determined work, and not a lover, will fix the void in her heart.

Until the day she sees him. Cian, gorgeous and mysterious, she’s frightened by the desires he brings out in her. A passion that rivals even the love she’d felt for her husband.

But Cian is not what he seems. He’s fae. More than that, he’s the grim reaper of legend and his mission means her death. She shouldn’t have seen him. His kind moves in stealth, but the moment her golden eyes meets his he knows his world will never be the same. He’ll defy his orders and his Queen to keep her. But will Eve want what he offers when she discovers the truth? That he was the one who harvested her husband’s soul… 

This is an Urban Fantasy Romance dealing with fairies, vampires, shifters, witches, and the occasional vindictive ghost.


Tell us about your current works:

Well, my current release is book 4 of the Kingdom Series and it's called Jinni's Wish. About an exiled Jinni and the human woman was made to love him. Of course, he's semi-dead, which means in order for her to be with him she'd need to be a ghost.... it was fun and weird to write and I had fun. It's not the most action packed book in the world, it's almost entirely character driven which made it a bit of a challenge for me since I tend to come from an Urban Fantasy perspective which usually involves lots of butt kicking in the tightest black leather around. But for a change of pace I wanted to write some fun, quirky fantasy romance novellas based on my favorite fairy tales and to retell them from the villain's perspective. It's been fun.

Tell us about what's coming:
There will be two actually. I'm wrapping up the world of Kingdom. For now. I'd originally intended this series to be a 5 and done type of thing but I've had such great readers response from the books that there is a possibility of future projects. I've been throwing around the idea of doing a type of spin-off. We'll see.
The next book scheduled for release will be Hook's story. And in it there will definitely be some familiar faces. Gerard and Betty are around quite a bit, they were in book 2 and tied to the Beauty and the Beast retelling. Because this was supposed to be my wrap up book I'd planned to show most of my characters and do a sort of 'where are they now' kind of thing.
I'm also releasing the first of my YA Trilogy. Called: Forbidden, Genesis Trilogy Book 1... it centers around a girl who works in the circus with her dad, only to discover that there's much more to the place than first meets the eye. It's been super fun and since I did actually work in a carnival one summer I've been able to incorporate a lot of the color and charisma of a traveling show into it.

How would you describe your writing style?
LOL. Crazy. I'm so incredibly type A, but writing is one aspect of my life I simply cannot control. Sometimes I'll start out with an idea for a character. A throw away character who's just supposed to play a vital, but very bit part of the plot, only to discover the character is actually my villain. And yes, that just happened with Forbidden. It shocked me. But it's fun to just let go and see where the journey takes me. It's the one place in my life I don't try to control. Sometimes the results are surprising, but always, always fun.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? 
No formulas. I generally have a small kernal of an idea and the story blooms from that. I was walking down a trail last year and saw this wild mass of flowers growing up out of a mind. I remember thinking in my head, wow, if fairy mounds existed, they'd look like that. Then boom... I saw Danika (the fairy godmother to all the bad boys in my Kingdom books) and the stories just came from there. So definitely no formula. Like I said, writing controls me, not the other way around.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always thought I'd be either a nurse or Marine Biologist. Then when I graduated and went to college I quickly discovered it was not for me. I floundered for a while. So you can imagine my surprise when I KNEW writing would be my thing. Prior to that, I hated English class. I'd be lucky to get a B. But once the fire started it burned out of control. I took courses to discover how to write, to learn grammar, and it took nearly 10 years to get to the point that I felt confident enough with my writing to start putting it out there for the world to read.

How do you react to a bad review?

Well, I don't like them. LOL. They sting, of course. But once I'm done licking my wounds, I realize it's not personal. It's just a book and their reaction to it. In fact, funny story, I once got a 2 star review on one of my books. I read the review and thought... hmm... okay. Next day, the reviewer contacted me and said she just wanted me to know she rated me a 2 star but that she felt the story itself was strong, that she simply didn't respond to it. To this day, she drops my blog every so often and I like that. I don't mind if you don't love my stories... not everyone will, but I think I can grow and learn from any type of constructive criticism out there. Who can't, right? Plus, if you put your books out there, then expect to have readers who don't connect. I mean, if Pride and Prejudice gets 1 star reviews, then I'm in some pretty good company.

Tell us something about you that will surprise the readers.

My mom used to always catch me sneaking into her room as a kid and turning on up all night with Elvira. And yeah, if you don't remember the show then don't tell me because that means I'm getting, anyway, she'd warn me that if I kept doing it one day I'd watch something that I could never unwatch.
Sage advice I didn't heed. Thanks to movies like It and Puppet Master I've now got a terrible fear of clowns and dolls. Yeah, I know... go ahead and laugh, it's ridiculous. But you'll never catch a doll in my house. ;)

Marie :D

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