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Interview and Giveaway with author Rebecca Graf

Today we are happy to present you author Rebecca Graf and her work DEEP CONNECTIONS, a thrilling Paranormal Romance.


 Quick Facts
Release Date: August 2012

Genre: Paranormal, Suspense, Romance

Formats: Kindle, pdf

Book Synopsis
Just as love appears, so does the darkness. With her heart reaching out for one man, Brenna finds herself the target of an unknown stalker. Who is he? What does he want? How far will he go for her? Death is an option. Brenna discovers more than she bargained for and learns that the stalker will kill for her. It all comes down to decisions, and no matter what she chooses it will demand sacrifice and someone's blood.
"Deep Connection is a unique thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. Who is stalking Brenna and why? As the layers of mystery unfold, you will be pulled into the twists and turns Ms. Graf has so wonderfully written. Wrapped around the mystery is a love triangle between Brenna, the cute sheriff's deputy and the handsome Native American lawyer. Who will win her heart and save her from the evil stalking her? Read the book and find out. I had a hard time putting this one down. I am waiting for the sequel as I am sure it will also be a fantastic read.– Marianne Spitzer

The Author
Rebecca Graf is a transplanted Southern girl living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and three children. She worked for 20 years as an accountant before writing her first story and becoming a freelance writer online. She now writes full-time while going back to school for her history and English degree as well as run two online companies: Silver Tongue Press and The News in Books.
Learn more about the author at:

Brenna’s eyes fluttered open to see a blur of trees flying by. Her head pounded and her stomach began to roll from the pain she felt and the fast-changing scenery. A careful look at her surroundings told her she was in an older model car. She inhaled deeply to calm herself, but confusion set in as her senses were assaulted by unfamiliar smells. The old smell of the car was tainted with something repugnant and caused her nose to crinkle in response. Her eyes widened in fright as terrifying memories began to flood her mind. Turning slowly, afraid of what she might see, a gasp involuntarily escaped her vocal cords when she saw he was as repulsive as she remembered. Who was he and what did he want with her?
Sensing her stare, a pair of dark, soulless eyes turned towards her. A smile appeared on his unkempt face. “Well, well, sleeping beauty awakes.” Brenna’s stomach rolled again as she felt his eyes slide hungrily over her body. She pushed up against the door in an effort to put as much distance between the two of them as she could, but he shook his head in disapproval. “No need to be dramatic.” He turned his attention back to the road. “We both know you won’t jump out.”
She set her teeth and glared at him. Eyeballing her surroundings, she saw that there was no end to the trees that lined the road, no sign of civilization. She assumed they were still in the same state as when he grabbed her from the parking lot of the school where she taught. Deep down inside, she knew death awaited her no matter what. The look in his eye was not merciful. Yet jumping from the car to end her life seemed too selfish. As she was not one to keep such joy to herself, she quickly swung her body around and slammed into her abductor. Might as well let him in on the fun!
The force of her body colliding into his sent the car spinning out of control. She began fighting with all her might to prevent him from regaining control. Two sets of hands fought for control of the steering wheel. Profanities were shouted as the fight intensified. The car spun to the edge of the road where a small depression nestled in the forest. The tires left the ground when it hit the slight downward shift of the terrain, the car flipped and somersaulted twenty feet down the hill. As it took its final turn before slamming into a large pine tree, the passenger door flung open from the movement. Brenna thudded on the forest ground and barely missed a clump of trees. Stars exploded in her head and every bone in her body ached from the impact. She looked up to the fading light and let the darkness take possession.


  1. For people who haven’t heard of Deep Connections , make a brief description.

Deep Connections is the story of a young woman, Brenna, who finds herself falling in love with a friend. Caught up in a love triangle, she discovers that someone else wants her. Very little is seen of the stalker until he is through playing cat and mouse and lets her know that her fulfillment of a prophecy makes her the one he ones. During all this, Brenna learns more about herself, who she loves, and the world around her.

  1. What does your family think of your works?

My husband hasn’t read my work, but he is extremely supportive. My kids don’t really seem to care. Lol The rest of the family is very encouraging and likes the book. The best part was when my brother sent me an email and said “sis, you can write!” I’ve never been so happy.

  1. What do you do, besides writing?

With 3 kids, I’m always running. In the morning, I’m getting them up and out the door. Then I try to focus on work. Time flies by and they are home. I have to pick them up from ball practice, take them to games, and run them here and there. There is very little calm in my life. J

  1. Do you have any hobbies?

I love to crochet and am trying to learn to knit but there is not much time to focus on it. J

  1. Name your favorite books.

Oh, I have so many. Anything by Tom Clancy makes that list. The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is a great one I’ve fallen in love with. Anything by Sophia Knightly. Aiden James is another one whose books I love though I refuse to read the sequel to his horror story, Cade’s Cove. It’s too scary. Lol The author took it as a compliment.

  1. Biggest trouble you faced as a writer?

I have trouble getting the quiet I need to focus on my writing. I live in a house with 7 people, 3 dogs, and 3 cats. 3 of those are my children: 16, 14, and 10. It can be crazy. I have a breakdown every few days or so. J

  1. How do you react to a bad review?

Funny you should ask this now. Depends on how ‘bad’. Of course, I don’t jump up for joy. No author does. I read it several times. I get upset when I see things that are strange or mean. Those do send me over the edge but not so much from the author side of me. The reader and reviewer gets very angry when I read reviews that are full of personal attacks or are bad for frivolous reasons. I had one reviewer say by book was bad because there was no sex in it. That, to me, is not a reason to rate a book low. Note it in the review as a side note but don’t make it the basis for a review. I so get confused when bad reviews say things that are so much the opposite of many of the good ones. You do wonder if they read the same book. I know I’m not perfect. I note each review and what I can take to heart and improve my writing with. The rest I ignore.

  1. Do you review others’ books? Are you nice or are you mean? :P

I do review other books, but as a reader. I’m first and foremost a reader and have been since I was a small child. I try to be very nice in my reviews. I always search for something good in it, point out issues I find in a manner that I hope is constructive to the author, and warn readers of any possible topics that they might offensive. I promote those books I love. I want to share the love of reading.

  1. Favorite movies?

Mmmmm. Favorite movies? The Quiet Man, Arsenic and Old Lace, Grease 2, Secondhand Lions, and First Wives’ Club.


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  1. It really blows my mind how much you can get accomplished in one day. Great interview!

    1. She is like super woman! I don't know how she does it!



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