Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 stars review: Goddess (Starcrossed #3)

Goddess (Starcrossed #3)

by Josephine Angelini

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance - Mythology


After accidentally unleashing the gods from their captivity on Olympus, Helen must find a way to re-imprison them without starting a devastating war. But the gods are angry, and their thirst for blood already has a body count.

To make matters worse, the Oracle reveals that a diabolical Tyrant is lurking among them, which drives a wedge between the once-solid group of friends. As the gods use the Scions against one another, Lucas’s life hangs in the balance. Still unsure whether she loves him or Orion, Helen is forced to make a terrifying decision, for war is coming to her shores.

In Josephine Angelini’s compelling conclusion to the masterfully woven Starcrossed trilogy, a goddess must rise above it all to change a destiny that’s been written in the stars. With worlds built just as fast as they crumble, love and war collide in an all-out battle that will leave no question unanswered and no heart untouched.


"She must rise... or they will fall"

I am so happy! My latest choices have been amazing, I'm spreading 5 stars reviews all over! yay!

Goddess is a wonderful book, it's such a shame to say goodbye to this series and these characters I grew so attached to.

First let me say how mesmerized I am by the story and... the cover (yup! I adore it!)

I loved absolutely everything about this book, about the whole series actually.

The characters matured so much through it and they gained depth.
We got to know a lot about each of them, things we weren't aware of.

I even related to Daphne. (not that I got to like her but I could understand her motives)

Lucas, Orion and Helen, the perfect love triangle. It was so properly developed that I couldn't decide which of the guys I liked more. 

But not only them, Hector... what a character! The warrior. Smart, strong, loyal and so caring and protective of others. 

Actually all of them were swoon worthy! But not only because they were sexy or else, J. Angelini is great at creating complex personalities.
They just pull you in the story.

" I couldn't love you more if you came to me holding the sun in your right hand and all the stars in the sky in your left"

What else? I loved the past live flashes! 

oh! and nearly at the end there was a moment that I was like: OMG! this can't be happening! I was about to through the book away, because based on the actual Greek myth, that particular event had to happen but I just couldn't believe it!
Though, how it unfolded is for me to know and for you to find out when you read the book! :D

Still, the end is bittersweet, but stunning!!!

To sum up, this was an exciting read with lots of love and schemes, surprises and a lot of action!

My heart is still melting! 

I can't wait to read more of JOSEPHINE ANGELINI! I'm her number 1 fan now!

I hope you guys liked it!

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