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The Little Dog in the Middle of the Road: Guest Post and Giveaway

Discover an amazing story for your kids:

A little dog ‘s person goes away for a few days. Not happy where he is 
staying, he goes into the middle of the road to look for his person. He finds 
a nice person to help him but it is not his person. He wants his person and 
knows that they have to come down the road to find him. So, he sits in the middle of the road and waits.

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Although Sharon Stanley has been writing for years, it was only after her youngest son graduated high school that she got serious about it. 

She joined the SCBWI and began to write with an eye to publish children’s picture books. S
haron published her first print book, The Little Dog in the Middle of the Road last winter with Silver Tongue Press, and has several others under contract.  
She lives with 5 chickens, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 sons and one husband on a working farm in Virginia, where she endeavors to “live creatively…with cows.”  
She enjoys mixed media artwork and blogs about her creative and farm life at farmandfrufru.blogspot.com
You can read more on her website, www.sharonpstanley.com

Best Top 10 Children’s Books
Of all Time
Sharon Stanley

These are in no particular order and are absolutely my own personal opinion.  I think everyone has their own top ten based on their own childhood, likes and dislikes and/or personality.  My list will certainly differ from yours and are often not considered great literature.

  1. The Bible.  I grew up reading it, still do.  I think the earlier kids read it, the more it sticks.
  2.  Peter Rabbit.  Beatrix Potter’s words and pictures combine to make a book that’s both pleasing to the eye and soul.
  3. Mimi the Merry-go-round Cat.  Dorothy Haas had a way of making the kitty seem so real to me as a child.  I probably read this one 1000 times.  Great literature?  No.  But that’s the lesson here…what I write may never be considered great literature, but it might speak to one child somewhere and influence them to want to write a story one day.  Mimi is one of the reasons I write today.
  4. “Nursery Rhymes.”  I loved having them read over and over to me as a little child.  I think it’s super important to read repetitively to a child even though it’s one of those things that drives parents nuts.  I read Thomas the Tank Engine books to my boys till I thought I would run screaming from the house, but they loved it and couldn’t wait till they could read it for themselves.  That’s what basic nursery rhymes did for me.
  5. Fun with Dick and Jane.  Dick and Jane taught me to read.  ‘Nough said.
  6. Charlottes Web. 
  7. Oliver Twist.  Not exactly considered children’s lit perhaps, but it made me stretch.  I didn’t understand a lot of it, so it made me ask questions and seek answers.
  8. If Jesus Came to My House.  Another little book I read over and over and over.  It’s the first book I remember thinking about a lot.  It made me want to behave and be a good person. 
  9. Harry Potter.  Although I confess, this wasn’t my personal favorite, it was a big influence on my boys.  Sometimes It’s tough to get boys to read and JK Rowling managed somehow to make reading cool again.  As a parent, I appreciated that.
  10. Good Night Moon.  Perfection on paper.

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