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It started one day in October 2012 with a 'Why not?' At first it was going to be focused only on YA books but even if they are what I read the most, it's not the only thing so you'll see some NA and Adult books too. Be warned that Paranormal Romance is gonna be all around the place!
You'll find interviews, guest posts, reviews, top 10 lists and giveaways. 

There will be some times where you'll see daily posts and there will be quieter times. But I will always come back to post so be patient.

On February 2014, there was an "extreme make over" , totally different from what it was. It ended up being a lot more girly than I expected but well..

I hope you enjoy it!


I’m a semi crazy person that enjoys reading more than anything. I live in Argentina (that long country next to where the penguins live)
I am a dentist. WAS a dentist. Ok, technically I still am but I don't work as one anymore. Not my thing really.

I am also studying Tourism and Hotel Management. In my free time I read (of course) and I love to travel. According to Tripadvisor, I've visited 116 cities in 26 countries. (and I'm not planning to stop anytime soon) I love languages, I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish (naturally) and I'm learning German and French. Geography is my other hobby. (Me? nerd? never! )
I must admit I’m a sucker for shoes... I love country music (eventhough here is not very usual). I love cats and I have the cutest one on earth!
And one more thing: I’m in a LDR (long distance relationship for those who aren’t acquainted with the term) so you’ll hear me ranting about that too :D
Anyway, this is just a way to share a piece of my life.


  1. Nice to meet you Rhomy!

    So you're a dentist...hehehe. It just happens that I'm wearing braces for almost 2 years now. Weird, but I'm not excited to have them removed, yet. heheheh

    So where are you base from? I'm currently in South Korea^^*

  2. I'm from Argentina, braces? That's what I do! I'm specialized in Orthodontics :) I know the feeling, you get used to them and they feel part of you! I didn't want mine removed either when I was younger lol



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