Monday, October 8, 2012

Whisper Walker (Whisper Walker Series #1)

by London Cole


Genre: Dystopian Paranormal

Published: April 7th 2012 by LC Books

Rating: 4 stars


Seventeen year-old Acquisitions Specialist Drake Adair is legendary at his job: he can obtain anything from anyone and from anywhere, without getting caught. At least, he’s never been caught before.

This time things go differently. He ends up on the run from the enemy Guild and takes refuge in a cave, only to get stuck in a pit in the back of the cave. He might be the only living human in there, but he’s not alone.

Kelsie, Drake's roommate and closest friend since she fled her filicidal father, has secrets. Secrets she keeps even from Drake. Sneaking outside the Gates into the wild, she risks everything for a little excitement. Her lies now threaten everything she cares about most in her life.

Drake unearths a plot by an enemy Guild to tear apart life as he knows it. The very people closest to him may be pawns in the grisly scheme, leaving Kelsie and Drake with no one to turn to as they struggle to find answers before it's too late.

Set eighty years after World War III, Kelsie and Drake pair up to protect the only life they know in a harsh and unforgiving world. They must each come to grips with his abilities, her secrets, and their mixed feelings for each other. Will they make it? Or will the very foundations of their lives be ripped from beneath them.


--- I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. ---

At first I didn't know what to expect of "Whisper Walker". The cover didn't say much and I just jumped blind into it.

And now, after reading it, I still find it difficult to tag it in a specific category or genre. It has mystery and dystopian elements but also paranormal components and a little bit of romance. Therefore it is a perfect combo for me XD

I have to acknowledge mr. Cole's ability to make them fit perfectly. He did a terrific job.

At the beginning I found the approach similar to "Under the Never Sky" by Veronica Rossi, not the technological stuff (which is absent here) but the idea of civilized people living inside a fence and the "mutants" living outside, making it dangerous to cross the barrier and go to the woods. But then it was developed in such an original way that I forgot about my previous thoughts.

Regarding the characters, the main two are so STRONG and defined teenagers that you can't get enough of them. Kelsie is such a bad-ass and Drake is tough and sweet at the same time. Although the real role that Kelsie plays it's explained further in the story, you just love her from the start! (at least I did)

However, there were things that prevented me to give this book a 5 stars rating and those were for example the main characters sleeping together and showering together. Not that I'm a prude or anything (XD) but seriously? Saving water and time... that's like the oldest trick in the world! lol.
On the other hand, those parts were perfectly executed and weren't offensive or scandalous in the slightest. Personally I believe they added interest to their relationship but I'd recommend you to be careful with the kids though!

Likewise, I'd loved to read more about why the mutants were mutants (we only have a tiny reference) and also about the Guild, and the way the live.

Anyhow, the book is totally worthy! And the end is just fabulous! Besides, it's only the start of a series and it's so promising!
I totally recommend this!

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