Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flame Moon

Skye Walters thought waking up on the side of a river with no memory was her biggest problem. She had no idea that the man who had saved her from drowning, the man she now depended on, Aiden, was more than mere mortal. A warrior of ancient.

No memory, nowhere to go, Skye stays in the mountain town, only to discover she herself, has unexplained powers. Her life, her destiny, are soon out of her control, as are her feelings for Aiden. The deeper Skye gets sucked into Aiden’s hidden world, the more the past, and who she really is, threatens her future, her love, her sanity.

Genre: Paranormal Romance.

Published: August 3rd 2012

Rating:3.5 stars

My Thoughts: 

What to say about FLAME MOON?

I jumped into it completely unaware of what I would find.

Was I disappointed? No at all. Was I super impressed? Neither.

Before I forget: there are some sex scenes in this book that are not explicit but you may wanna keep kids apart.

I could say this is a 3.5 stars book.
It is good and leaves some unfinished business in the end, suggesting perhaps an upcoming sequel.
The premise is nice. A little paranormal romance mixed with some mythology. I enjoyed it because it is very original but In any way I look at it, there is something missing from the story.

The characters are well defined and likeable. You can totally relate to them. Especially to Charlotte and Tristan, which are not the protagonists but have a strong presence throughout the whole book. 

What didn't work for me was the love story.

I felt like it was poorly built. 
Meaning: there were no looks between them, no smiles, no butterflies in her stomach, NOTHING that indicates something was awakening among them.

Only one time Skye says Aiden is hot. And suddenly after a talk Skye has with Charlotte they appear to be deeply in love. Where were the signs of that "love"?

I know, there was a reason why they were separated until that moment (I don't wanna give anything away that's why I'm being a little cryptic) but anyway I didn't feel their love growing at ANY moment.

The rest of the story is interesting, Evan is intriguing for sure, I would love to read more about him and those elders GRRRRRRRR! I wanted to punch them in the face several times! 

I must add though, that the book is full of action and has some major turns of events that will leave you absolutely startled!
Again, the weakest thing was the love story, just that.
But I would love to see what happens next!


  1. Again, I love your reviews. Great one.

  2. Excellent review. I agree, there must be tension building, especially when it comes to love :).

  3. I like how you do your reviews. I'd love to swap buttons. I'll add yours to my blog scroll on the left side of my page. Thanks for being my 1001 follower.
    Jeannette @



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