Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mundahlia (The Mundahlian Era #1)

When our era ends, theirs begins. 

Rini thought going to live with her cousins in the city of Austin, Texas while her parents rekindled their marriage on a four month long cruise, was a step in the right direction. When she makes a new quirky friend, and stumbles upon a handsome nude young man named Jett in the enveloping forest surrounding her cabin, she thought she was only moving forward. Well, she was wrong.

Jett and his clan appear human, just like anyone else. But take a closer look, and you will see that they are indeed Mundahlians. Legendary hybrid beings with both human and animal qualities that have been kept a heavily guarded secret throughout time—until now. They are taking refuge in our world, fleeing from their hidden homeland of Mundahlia and its aging power-hungry King, who has set up a game between his many children.Whoever can bring them back to their world so they can be tried and executed shall receive the crown once he passes.

Upon finding their hide out, Bane, one of the King's sons, and on a hunt to win the crown, sees an opportunity to shatter the blossoming relationship, lure the family back to Mundahlia, and frame Rini for the murder of a Mundahlian—thus, breaking the pact signed long ago with the humans, and reigniting an ancient war for the majority of land and control. A triple deed that will surely earn him the power he craves.

In the wake of his devious acts, which leaves Rini heart-broken and injured, Bane whisks her away to Mundahlia to be convicted of the crime he had forged. Jett, with help from his family and friends, sets out to stop the trial and rescue Rini before it is too late.

Will they make it in time?
Or will a new era begin.
A Mundahlian Era.

GENRE: Paranormal Romance.

PUBLISHED: July 26th by Amazon.

RATING: 4 stars!


A brilliant fantasy world created by the author, with inhabitants that you could only imagine in dreams (or not even that way) is mixed with our world in such a smooth and perfect way that pulls you in immediately.

I admit that sometimes I wanted to punch Jett in the face but well... he had a good excuse for being that way lol.
The love story is intriguing and sweet.
The bad guy is infuriating! (as he should be, of course)
Every character of the "family" is well described and I found them very interesting.

The end was awesome, when the second book of the series is released I'll definitely add it to my tbr pile! 

I love to read books that aren't so... famous... (so to speak)and sometimes not having other reviews to guide me, leads to a total disaster but this time it was a very good choice :)

I truly recommend it :)

Ah! I almost forget: the cover is beautiful!

Mundahlia (The Mundahlian Era, #1)



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