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Review: The Soul's Mark: Hunted

The Soul's Mark HUNTED (The Soul's Mark #2) by Ashley Stoyanoff.


When Amelia Caldwell learned that she was marked by a vampire’s soul, she did what any smart, self-preserving person would have done: tried to run. But thanks to the soulmate bond that tethered her mentally and emotionally to her vampire soulmate, Mitchell Lang, running was not an option and finding out she was a witch didn’t make her life any easier.

Now, Amelia has made peace with her new supernatural life and accepted her destiny with Mitchell, one of the most powerful vampires in the world. They are finally getting along but Amelia is sure he is hiding something—something big.

Little does she know that this is just the calm before the storm. When Mitchell’s former flame resurfaces and Eric’s dreams become distorted visions of his soulmate, hostility and tension threatens to tear their world apart. 

Just when Amelia thinks life couldn’t get any crazier, vampires and humans start turning up dead. The killer—something more sinister and haunting than your run of the mill psychopath —is heading straight for their front door.

GENRE: Paranormal Romance.


RATING: 4.5 stars


 (I want to thank the author for giving me the opportunity of reviewing this ARC.)

This book picks up a few months after the end of "The Soul's Mark: FOUND".

Amelia is finally enjoying her time with Mitchell and they are getting along well, or at least better lol. 

She learned the dynamics of the house and their town and there is also a new couple around.

Here we get to know more of the supporting characters, they have a lot more involvement. Which is great because they are so complex.

 I have to admit that I absolutely adored the first book in the series but Mitchell wasn't a nice character for me. As I said in the review, he seemed abusive, manipulative and he summoned a rollercoaster of emotions.

 Well, at the beginning of this book, I still wanted him to die so Eric and Amelia would be together. (yay! I so love Eric)

Nothing too tragic, I wanted Ashley to kill him in some poetic way lol, but I wanted him OUT OF THE WAY. 

As the events of this new story developed, I grew fonder of him.  Now instead of dying maybe he could just retreat somewhere far XD

I don't love him and he is far from being a favorite but he certainly matured a lot and his appearances were more entertaining. I could understand his motives. A little. 
Though I still want Eric to be with Millie, I know what you are going to say: "Millie and Mitch are soulmates", and bla bla, WHATEVER!  I want what I want! XD 


Eric plays a big role in this story and that made him even a better character. I don't want to spoil anything!!! 

This sequel is packed of action, a lot more mystery than in the first instalment and that made it a fast read. There is a bunch of bitter-sweet events but they help build up the plot.

We have a strong enemy that they need to fight, they are cruel and won't give up easily.

The end is a cliffhanger! So I would be lying if I said I don't want to have the next book NOW lol.

As always, Ashley's writing is beautiful and flows smoothly. 
Thumbs up and happy dance!!! 

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  1. Oh god I agree with you, Eric is amazingly hot, funny sweet & just everything else!...& I think Mitch dying would be nice....but I actually like him a lot more in the second book, so i don't think he deserves that ..he just needs to disappear!......Hehehe

    Btw nice review! =)

  2. Great Review. Love the Johnny Depp input as well!

  3. Okay kiddo, seriously...My TBR is getting bigger and bigger. Great review and I can't wait to read this series. Sounds fantastic!

  4. thank you girls! Don't forget to enter the giveaway tomorrow!

  5. I told you that Mitchell got a little bit better =-P



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