Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review: Exiled

Exiled (Immortal Essence Book 1)
by Rashelle Workman


Worlds divided them. Chance brought them together. Only love will save them. 

An alien princess exiled to Earth. 

An arrogant boy. 
One week to get back to her planet or she'll die. 
And, her only chance for survival? She must help the boy find his soul mate.
Piece of cake!

Stubborn, sixteen-year-old Princess Venus of Kelari wants one thing, to become immortal, that is, until someone exiles her to Earth, kills her irrihunter and takes her family. 

Now she wants revenge. 

First she’s got to get home. But before she can return to Kelari, the Gods have commanded her to help an arrogant boy named Michael find his soul mate. 

Only she doesn't know the first thing about love. 

Rather quickly, her inexperience with human emotion is obscured by other matters--alien-controlled psychotic teens that are out to kill her, and a government group that is set on capturing and dissecting her. 

Worst of all, Venus will suffer a painful death-by-poisoning, thanks to Earth’s atmosphere, if she remains on the planet longer than one week. 

Still, Venus is a Princess and she's got a plan. Surely, with her help, Michael will fall in love with a human. 

But time is running out and Michael is falling for the wrong girl--her.

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Sci. Fi.

Published: October 2nd 2011.     

Series: Immortal Essence #1.

        Rating:4.5 stars!  


I really liked this book. I'm pretty surprised it has a 3.6 stars rating.
I must admit it was a little confusing at the beginning. So many names and creatures that made me feel lost for a while. 

But then, as the story progressed and I was getting used to those weird and complicated names, I found it amazing.

It's a simple story: A Princess that is framed and exiled to Earth. She doesn't know why she is there, or who did that to her, but the only way the Gods can forgive her and let her back in her planet is if she accomplishes a mission: She has to help Michael find true love.
There is an interesting twist though, she has a week before Earth's air, kills her...

Around those facts the story has action, romantic chemistry and we can discover a wonderful world Rashelle Workman created for this Kelarian Princess called Venus.

She is a great character, ok... yes, she is a little lost regarding emotions but she experiences life through "new eyes" while she is on Earth and matures whereas the plot entangles. 

Her Formytian (some sort of protector), Zaren, is the hottest thing on... should I say Earth? or the Universe? lol The tension between them is WOW! WOW! WOW! (no words to describe it)
And Michael, his story is heartbreaking, I felt so bad for him, It made me sad :( But his personality is magnetic and just loved him.

One detail I liked: the name of the chapters are all song's names! 

Anyway, this is my opinion and I think it is a sweet and nice story.



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  2. I love this review. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have added your button to my roll! :)

  4. When comes to reviews, you have to read them all. I've seen people give low ratings for the dumbest things. I ignore them but sadly they still affect the author's overall rating. :(

  5. I can see beautiful covers is a theme with the Immortal Essence series! It's good to know ahead of time that if you can get through the beginning a great story is waiting for you. Although, I'm usually impatient if it doesn't get interesting in the first few chapters. :(

  6. Thank you so much for your review of "Exiled." Very well thought out. So glad you enjoyed it. =)

  7. Great review! I'm glad you found another book to like!



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