Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tour Stop: Review: Beguiled

Today it is my turn to participate in Rashelle Workman Beguiled's Tour, I wasn't sure about it at the beginning, but I'm so glad I decided to join!
I discovered a great author!
You can read my review of the previous book in yesterday's post.


Worlds divided them. Chance brought them together. Only love will save them. 

In book 2 of the Immortal Essence series, Venus must enter her planet's Hell, and complete three trials in order to free her parents, and save her soulmate. 


Venus has become immortal, just as she always wanted. In the process she hurt Zaren, lost Michael, and destroyed her family. 

At least that's what she believed.

Turns out Ramien, the god of her planets' underworld, has her parents, and Michael. 

To save them, Venus makes a deal. She must complete three trials. They seem impossible. They certainly won't be easy. Worst of all, someone she loves won't make it out alive.

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Rating – PG13
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Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Sci- Fi.

Published:October 19th 2012 by Polished Pen Press.

Series: Immortal Essence #2.



Absolutely loved it! I am officially in love with a new series. I devoured this book in just a few hours.

It is so fast paced, many things happen that my only complaint would be: it was too short!

The plot is very entertaining and we learn a lot about Venus and Michael's origins.

I would have liked a little more Zaren and Michael but it was a nice read.

Ramien, ugrrrhhhhh! disgusting SOB! (sorry for the outburst but he is!)

I'm speechless, I finished it 5 minutes ago and I've already want to start reading the following book! And sadly I have to wait until February! booooo!

The good thing about this instalment and how it flowed so easily, is probably that I'm already used to the terms that felt confusing in the first book.

Though I keep pronouncing "federer" instead of "ferether" lol.

Don't miss the chance to read this series, it's sweet, amusing and unique. 

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  1. This cover is H-O-T! Love it. Awesome review :)

  2. I also love the cover!!It's absolutely beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the cover compliments.

    And thank you so much for hosting "Beguiled" on your blog today, and for the lovely review. I really appreciate it.

  4. Thank you Rashelle for writing such an entertaining story!

  5. Great review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!



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