Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Vindication (Freewill #3)


Mysterious murders, strange secret societies, and betrayal surrounds Christopher. Ellie finds out, if she can survive the treachery of giving your heart to another. Together, they must discover how to experience strength, forgiveness, and true love -- only by letting go of each other. Cruel and unfair, they may believe that their world is ruthless; but only by leaving behind their troubles will they ultimately overcome the horrors that await them.

GENRE: YA Fantasy/ Paranormal .

PUBLISHED: August 20th 2012 by Smashwords.



------------- I want to say thank you to Elyse for sending me the entire book series as well as the group We ♥ YA Books! I got them in exchange for an honest review. -----------------

This series has been unique from the start. The beginning was brilliant, the second book was average (but not less unique) and this one, I’m glad to tell you, has raised my opinion again.

Fantastically developed and written. I didn’t see that coming for sure!
Elyse’s writing is different from what I’ve read so far; a little twisted, but not less interesting.
When you grab a book you expect it to go from one way or another but I can assure you, you’ll never think of the twists this author can create. Utterly surprising!

If you had any doubts after reading the first 2 books, you’ll get your answers here. (luckily! I was kinda scared!) So it’s worth the journey! ( I don’t want to spoil anything that’s why I’m being a little “mysterious” lol)

I loved the way the characters grew and mature throughout the trilogy. I felt I knew them a lot more than before. I could relate more. I ENJOYED them more.
Don’t be mislead though, there were some sad parts but somehow I accepted them as the better outcome.
Meaning, the end wasn’t what I wanted but was great indeed. Lol.

As I mentioned in my review of “Consequences” the way the author mixes many cultures and myths is outstanding.

Ellie and Chris are amazing characters but Michael is a great complement, I can say he is one of my favorites. I loved reading his POV.

Can’t wait to read something more from Elyse Draper! Great Work!

About the Author:

Elyse Draper, as a native Coloradan, brings a distinctive vision of the Rocky Mountains to life. When that sight is combined with her love of world travel, history, sociological sciences, psychology, and humanism, the outcome is a setting that spans the world and imagination. That aptitude when mixed with an educational background of law, philosophy, and French, brings the result of a fantastic yet realistic renaissance storyline, ultimately taking the reader on an exceptional journey.

Working as a freelance journalist for, Elyse reports on the publishing world and supports Denver's local literary contributors as Denver's Author Examiner. Still living in Colorado with her husband and daughter, she is working on her newest speculative fiction novel. Coming in 2012, keep a look out for the next two novels in the 'Freewill' trilogy, 'Consequences' and 'Vindication'. 

If you want to read my review of the previous books in the series, check them here:

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